My name is Laura, I started Fuzzywuzzie Craft & Supplies in June 2018. I am 35 years old self employed and do this job full time, in and around looking after my children (7 and 12) and being a wife. I am Based in Nottingham the home of Robin Hood and I trade online only, I do not have a retail shop although I am completely happy for anyone to collect their orders If they live locally.

My passion for felting started just a few years ago when I was introduced to it by my mother in law. I ordered my first kit off amazon and off I went. Little did i know about how many different wools there were to buy and which wool did what! After realising I had the wrong wool to start with I was baffled as to how many starter kits actually include wool which is not suitable for a beginner!! At the time I was working as a care worker in the community and loved the job but unfortunately not the company I was working for. I decided to leave and shortly after started Fuzzywuzzie! 


Before I went into care work I was a graphic designer and worked for various sign companies (including my own print company) However I had given this up to become a mother!

Anyway, back to the fluff...

I have never bought a kit to follow, I am completely self taught (bar watching a couple of youtube videos!) and I believe that when It comes to crafts, there is no right or wrong way to do something. If it feels right for you, do it! Its your creation, do whatever you see fit! Of course there are helpful tips and tricks that you will learn along the way, but the general rule for me is to dive in and give it a go.

I pretty much work on my own and do everything myself with the occasional helping hand from my husband. So, my current jobs are

- Answer Calls

- Reply to Emails

- Reply to Facebook messages (lots)

- Pack Orders

- Label Orders for shipping

- Take orders to Post Office

- Website Builder

- Kit Designer

- Check and Order stock

- Wash Lovely Locks

- Mother

- Wife 

- Cleaner

and much much more! HOWEVER!!!!! I love what I do, It's like an addiction, I want to bring you more and more supplies but there is only so much 1 person can do.

I always try my best to answer questions and emails as quick as I can so if on occasion I am a little delayed please bear with me or give me a little nudge! 

I think that's probably enough for you to take in and before you get bored I'll stop going on! Happy Fluffing everyone.