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A Guide to Felting Wool...
Wool Roving/Tops
This wool is where all of the fibres run in the same direction, just after your own hair when its been combed!
It comes in one continuous length and can be used for a number of things. Long fairy dresses, long animal fur or a persons hair for example.
Corriedale is a little more coarse, Merino is fine.
Carded wool
Carding is a process done on an industrial machine that disentangles, cleans and mixes fibres to produce a continuous web like texture. This wool depending on the microns (the thickness of the fibres) can be used for a few things. So, the lower the micron the finer the wool fibres. The coarse fibres are great for faster felting and are usually used for the core of your 3D projects. The fine wool (Merino) leaves a beautiful soft smooth finish.
Core Wool - Usually Coarse
Bergschaf - Fairly coarse
Perendale - Medium
Corriedale - Medium
Merino - Fine
Returning Items
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